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The 100 Club Challenge: Honoring Our Fallen First Responders

It all began as a friendly wager among seven members of the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Office of the FBI.

Club Management

Creating First Impressions that Last

No question about it. To create an outstanding first impression — one that will be ingrained in the minds of members and guests — clubs must have visually appealing clubhouses.

A Turning Point for Southeast Michigan's Economy

The second quarter of 2016 marked an economic turning point in Southeast Michigan.


Sweet Deliveries

Depending on whom you ask within the food industry (and where the subject matter experts are located), confectionery purchases are either rising or falling, much like the ebbs and flows of the ocean.

Reverse the Course

Forest Dunes Golf Club’s agronomy crew is preparing for the opening of North America’s first 18-hole reversible course.

Suzy Kim ’16: The Value of Teamwork

One may not expect to see a chemistry major (emphasis in applied chemistry) supervising an engineering machine shop, but that’s just where you’ll find Sooyeol (Suzy) Kim, a Harvey Mudd senior from Seoul, South Korea, most days.

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Alaska: The Vast Frontier

As proven by the popularity of TV shows such as "Alaska: The Last Frontier" and "Ice Road Truckers", people are intrigued by the stories of the men and women who live and work in Alaska.

LP Gas Magazine Logo

Fabulous Fleets

Cost savings. Sustainability. On-site refueling opportunities. The benefits of propane autogas are seemingly limitless.

Arnie’s Place: Bay Hill Club & Lodge

The year was 1965. A gallon of gas cost $0.31, on average. Songs like Sonny & Cher’s “I Got You Babe” and The Temptations’ “My Girl” were number one hits on the Billboard chart. And Arnold Palmer played his first 18-hole round at Orlando’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge.

The Evolution of Maintenance Technology

Since the dawn of the new millennium, technology has evolved at a faster pace than ever before, directly influencing the tactics, objectives and, ultimately, productivity of thousands of industries.


Picture This! How Photography Sells Golf—From Stills to Drones

Beauty sells, regardless of the product, its purpose or its industry. Golf courses are no different than cars or food or homes—if you want to sell, you have to capture your audience through eye-catching imagery.

Merging Majors

This summer, senior Elizabeth Ensink of Hudsonville, Michigan, participated in one of the United States’ most competitive undergraduate creative writing fellowships, “Nature in Words.”

The Patient Becomes the Nurse

For as long as he can remember, Josh Thornsberry has liked to work with his hands.

Member, Golf Writers Association of America, Mortar Board National Honor Society, Omicron Delta Kappa (National Leadership Honor Society) and Lambda Pi Eta (National Communication Honor Society)